Sunday, 4 January 2009

Back to work

Term starts with a "training day" tomorrow and I am dreading it.
The pattern always seems to be the same. We return from our break, reasonably refreshed (and hopefully, at this time of year, with not too many of us ill!) Many of us have things we are looking forward to doing, with a new terma nd a new year.
Then we have the staff meeting. You can see shoulders slumping as it progresses, with "reminders" that we should be doing this, that or the other. It doesn't matter if we are doing most things, or doing a good job - there are always new targets, new initiatives, new requirements.
We come away feeling battered and dejected. It doesn't matter how good a job we are doing, it is never good enough (and the good job we are doing is seldom mentioned).
Additionally, for me, the "style" of delivery is immensely triggering. I don't do well with forceful, raised voices (actually, it feels like being shouted at to me and others). I don't do well with being told only what I have done wrong, or left undone.
So I am dreading tomorrow. I know I need to do lots of positive self talk, and I will try to. I am going to try to have something to look forward to in the evening. I need to come up with some distraction / grounding strategies for during the meeting. But I am dreading it.


theMuddledMarketPlace said...

thinking of you tomorrow in that case

marcella said...

sounds horrible. It snowed here and many schools were closed. I'm guessing you weren't so lucky.

La-reve said...

Hope today wasn't as bad as you thought.

Catherine said...

Because shouting always makes it better, right?

Isn't it funny how you would be told off for shouting at one of your snowflakes, but that your boss has no qualms about shouting at you?

Disillusioned said...

Thanks. It was just as bad as I thought and though we had snow it wasn't enough to close school.
Catherine - so, so true! Several staff commented on the "practise what you preach" idea.