Thursday, 11 December 2008


Hard stuff with J in my counselling session today. Am feeling very rocky tonight and the bad stuff is tempting. I'm pathetic, like I have been told by various people.


CalumCarr said...

You are NOT pathetic. Anyone who says that is talking out of his/her arse.

Life is hard but struggling is not pathetic. Struggling is positive because one could so easily give up.

Take care and thinking of you.


Mandy said...

Wanted to come on before I go to bed.

You are not pathetic and whoever is saying that to you is pathetic.

You do a great job, you are a lovely person.

You need to cut yourself some slack. Pots and kettles springs to mind but in letting you know that I am letting myself know that too.


theMuddledMarketPlace said...

'Various people' can go take a stroll then.

La-reve said...

You are not 'pathetic' you deal with so much,working and coping and supporting others. You deserve pat on back. And should feel pleased with yourself. forget 'various people' they don;t know how hard you struggle and how well you're doing. I know its hypocritical but avoid those thoughts(you know the ones).x

Disillusioned said...


Hoping for some recuperation (again) this weekend.