Friday, 12 December 2008


I didn't take this photo (wish I had!) but chose it because I have seen some glorious sunrises over the last few days, while driving in to work. They change as we travel through the backroads and country lanes. Typically we see the sun cresting as we drive up to the bypass, usually with clouds making the sky purply red. As we drive away from the town, the skyline is dominated by silhouetted leafless trees, and the stripes of red and purple are very striking. By the time we get to my daughters' school, the sun is up, and the light has lost its sunrise warmth and become cold and bleak. Today there was added beauty from the frosted fields; it really was magical.

It struck me that I have not appreciated such things for a long time. When I began with J, in September, she spoke of enjoying the sunrise as she walked her dogs, and I couldn't grasp it. Now I am starting to.


marcella said...

It's a lovely picture and I'm so glad that you are able to appreciate the sunrises - however I can't help but wonder what on earth time J gets up in the morning if she was already enjoying the sunrises in SEPTEMBER.

Disillusioned said...

Yes, I did wonder myself..!
Maybe I misremembered and she was talking about the light on the trees? I don't know.

Kathryn said...

The sunrises this week have been wonderful, till things turned warmer and good that you can lift your eyes to recognise that.
Still praying, even when I don't comment