Thursday, 11 December 2008


Not me this time, but Mandy and her Dad. Read the tale here.

Yet again, support needed and promised but not put in place.


Mandy said...

In fairness,

I have now had a call (came through around 4.30 pm) from the person who was supposed to call me and my Dad is now going to get a medicine review.

That is not to say that anything will change for the better but there is an opportunity to look at his medication, more thoroughly than was done at the previous meeting, and am living in hope that a new anti-depressant is tried and that it works better for him.

It always seems an uhpill struggle and I am always the one that has to be pro-active in order for BLPT staff to then be pro-active. I feel for people who have no-one there for them. Seeing when they are getting iller, or their illness hits a nasty plateau, and being able to keep trying to get the right treatment and care.

I also feel for other carers who I know are struggling on and on to get the right care for their loved ones.

It ain't fact it is cronically hard!!!

Thanks for posting about our situation here. I get alot of comfort and support from those who empathise and care about me...even though there is distance between people in blogland, is clear that there are those who do care and that helps me keep rallying on x

marcella said...

Mandy - I hope that the meeting proves useful and that a new medication will provide some relief. A friend here has finally managed to organise a review for her daughter - took her all year and may be cancelled at the last minute but at least it's on its way at the moment.

Disillusioned said...

Glad you did get the phone call, Mandy - hope the support materialises. You are right about it being a struggle to get help, and also that it shouldn't be that way.