Monday, 1 December 2008

Light in winter

Things are definitely getting brighter. Which is just as well really!

A standardly manic day at work - teaching, marking, planning, teaching, solving ICT problems... All the normal stuff. Lots of little things which lightened the day. Such as the fact that every child in my English class handed in their homework on time. Having four different people say to me that I had lost weight / was looking very slim. Having some of the ICT in English tools I have introduced to staff and pupils praised at a staff meeting. All good.

It's December 1st so time to allow Christmas carols! (I, only half-jokingly, "ban" them until December starts in our house). Today I put our St Agnes Fountain CDs in the car and thoroughly enjoyed listening to them on my travels.

This evening I am once again shattered, and the black mood threatens to descend. However, I'm grateful to have had some pockets of light today, and hope for more tomorrow.


madsadgirl said...

It's so good to hear you talk of having a good day. I know what it is like to have these bright little periods and then have it all slip away, but eventually they do seem to link up more and I get several days, sometimes even weeks, where I have an almost normal life. After years of being like this I find that it is best not to think too far ahead, to focus on one day at a time, and to try to ensure that one little problem doesn't undo all the good that has been done in the preceding days.

You have much to be happy about, especially with relation to your working life, you must just make sure that you don't forget that, and fall down a hole that you can easily jump over.

Mandy said...

Hi C

Glad you had a better day x

marcella said...

Glad you had a good day. Carols are good, although I also love the Advent Carols and am desperately trying to find them on listen again.

Rainbow dreams said...

Hi, am pleased you had a beter day today...and that you could look forward too with carols :) and enjoy - I don't know St Agnes Fountain - are they christmassy? Katie, x

Catherine said...

Christmas decorations, carols, etc are banned in my house until after the beginning of Advent. My class is going to decorate the room and set up the tree sometime this week, I think.

Disillusioned said...

Thanks Madsadgirl. I hope these pockets of brightness will increase and link as you describe.

Katie - St Agnes Fountain are a folk Christmassy band. Fantastic music - I love it. (We're going to see them live in a couple of weeks).

Catherine - a teacher after my own heart!

Mandy and Marcella - thanks.