Thursday, 18 December 2008

Good day

Another helpful session with J this morning - we didn't use the Lifespan Integration technique this time, just did lots of other stuff.

Then on for a consultancy meeting, where I was asked to show how I am using the learning platform. Very positive.

On for lunch with L - lovely to talk with her. She is trying to encourage me to be more assertive - not an easy thing (for her or for me!) Good to discuss though, and to recognise how I have moved on.

Back home for a spell of work, then I was able to pick the girls up from school.

I should be going to yoga tonight but am about to cry off. I am so tired that I recognise it would take very little to tip me over the edge. I think discretion is the better part of valour; I will take the time to write Christmas card and maybe even do some sewing as well. I'd like to make some Christmas postcards for J and L at least.

I sent many cards as e-cards this year, using Jacqui Lawson's wonderful site. Ecologically much more friendly, and particularly good for colleagues at work, I feel.

Trying to buy (rather last minute!) some last minute presents online. well, it's last minute in my mind. Struggling for ideas - something garden-ish or a plant needed for an aunt and uncle. Hmm - time to browse!


madsadgirl said...

You sound good at the moment. Glad that you have had a good day.

La-reve said...

Glad your day has been good and that you recognise where your limitations are re:yoga. Take it easy.

Mandy said...

Hi C

Reads like a proper postive day. Good on you :>)

Thanks for the lovely card. I was going to subscribe but not sure I can afford I am wary of doing any purchasing over the internet since the shenanigans with the credit card started.

Hope your tomorrow is another pozzie for you x