Tuesday, 16 December 2008


It's hard to keep a positive perspective all the time.
Sometimes things just overwhelm me. Everything becomes impossible. I'm too tired to reason, too tired to process. I either give up or go into superwoman mode, doing everything, aiming for perfection - at a time when I should take a step back and let things be.
I know I am in danger of going into overdrive at the moment. I just don't know how to tackle that.


La-reve said...

I know exactly whatg you mean , I am busy mode, as I feel if I keep busy, I will escape those thoughts.
If your trying to avoid overdrive maybe you should work out what needs to be doen - e.g work. and what cna wait and leave that stuff. x

theMuddledMarketPlace said...

ah ...tricky one that.

shall hope n pray you manage to sort out Your Own braking method.


Polar Bear said...

It's not easy. I know.

marcella said...

At least you recognise what is happening. When does term end? Not that this holiday is exactly relaxing for most of us.

Rainbow dreams said...

I can identify with that feeling, hope you manage to slow a little, much love, Katie, x

Disillusioned said...

Term ends tomorrow.

Am still in overdrive, overtired mode. Perspective lost for the time being, I think. Just hanging on in there.
Thanks all.

colouredmind said...

Its not easy, but I hope that over the Christmas period you find some time to rest and just, be with yourself and not running away. Hope that you are ok, Hannah