Friday, 26 December 2008


A lovely Christmas day here - just the relaxed, family kind I needed.

The adults woke first this year - that hasn't happened before! - so I trundled downstairs to make a cup of tea - which woke the teenage contingent. As is traditional, they brought their stockings (at 16 and 13 stockings are still going strong!) and opened the contents sitting on our bed. They loved the silliness and the traditional elements alike. The bag of Christmas coins each was greeted with pleasure, and the "magic" face flannels (the sort which appear tiny but open out to normal size in water) were greeted with "You got us these when we were little!" The highlight was possibly the rubber duck I put in E's stocking - which lights up with changing colours!

Then down to the tree and to opening the packages there. W had totally missed the mandolin case I got him - the girls hid it under their presents, and he was enjoyably surprised and delighted. Equally so with the ipod shffle. Given that he had no ideas for what he would like this Christmas, I was pleased that what I came up with was so successful.

There was no one major present for the girls this year, just an assortment of smaller ones. So books on CD featured for E (Bill Bryson's Shakespeare and The Curious Incident of the Dog in the Nighttime); both got Dr Who DVDs and jewellry plus an assortment of smellies, music CDs etc.

Lunch was a relaxed affair. The girls and I had prepared all the veg the night before and W and I (mostly W) popped into the kitchen to prepare starters, put pans on, put things in the over. We sipped sparkling wine and pottered really. Over lunch we suffered the cracker jokes and played charades (yes, really - but the sort you can play sitting down!) Very funny. The afternoon was spent watching mushy TV, playing computer games and chatting. In the evening I had a very pleasant surprise - a text from J my counsellor, just wishing me a happy Christmas. That was so thoughtful and kind - it really helped.

Today should be equally relaxed - though I have made a gentle start on some school work. Tomorrow E's orchestra course begins and W and H are off to visit his mum and brother's family. Nothing much that has to be done - all good.

Hoping all those who come by are having a wonderful time too.


marcella said...

Sounds good to me. Our girls came in to our room to open the stockings too - and they're 21 and 19!

La-reve said...

Glad you had a lovely Christmas. x

Kathryn said...

Last year I had to get up for an 8.00 service, but the next one was not till when I came home, I had to get BACK into bed so that everyone else could snuggle with us while we all opened stockings. Yes, I have had one every single year of my life (even in the gap between death of parents adn my own marriage a good friend and I provided stockings for one another)...My best present was an iPod docking wotsit, which means I can have music anywhere in the house...very happy Kathryn as a result :-)

Disillusioned said...

Marcella and Kathryn - I'm glad they don't necessarily grow out of it! I never had a stocking as a child, and don't now - but love doing them for the girls.
W is enjoying his ipod shuffle I think - and I think I might just have to buy myself one. Will get a docking station between the two of us if Argos still have them on half price offer with a shuffle.

Jessica said...

This is a lovely X'mas indeed. Glad that you had a lovely day.

Rainbow dreams said...

you know I am so delighted and happy for you to read this... and Thank you so much for your card, Happy Christmas and New Year ,xx