Monday, 29 December 2008

What's going on

Halfway through the holidays - this break never feels quite "long enough" with all that has to be squeezed into it.

We've been doing some room reallocation - the spare room upstairs is to become my sewing room while the dining room downstairs will house all the musical instruments. We're at the messy in between stage; I have moved my sewing things out of the downstairs room and now W is moving all the music things into it. Then I will be able to start moving my stuff in - which is going to mean a lot of sorting out. It will be nice when it is done.

Today I shopped in preparation for a massive freezer bake. I've made:
6 puddings (of the steak and kidney variety)
10 family servings of chicken casserole (two flavours)
2 family servings of sausage casserole
I have a stack of potatoes waiting to be roasted and frozen, but will leave that for tomorrow now. Lots of the sausages I bought didn't get casseroled yet, so they have gone straight into the freezer.

Later on I'm off for a massage. Much needed - my back is causing me much grief and, I am sure, is contributing to the poor sleep I am experiencing at the moment.

I've been chipping away at school work as well - it took me far too long yesterday to plan my next Maths unit, and I really want to get more than the one planned before Monday. I also have English to look over, and of course ICT. There's marking to do as well...

In between all that I've been doing taxi duties for E, who is at her holiday orchestra course. The concert is tomorrow - and a long way away, in an unfamiliar town to me. Trips to our local town have enabled H to learn to insert and remove her new contact lenses; she's done really well and is looking forward to surprising people at school with her lack of glasses. I'm hoping we can get a hair dresser's appointment for her tomorrow so she can have a trim to complete the new look. We may even manage a visit to the Body Shop for a makeup session.

Have finally got round to reading a new book I have had fora ges - "Love Songs and Lies" but Libby Purves. Really enjoyed it.

Mood - oh yes, it's better. I'm thinking about reducing the Trazadone slightly after I see my GP next - will talk about it with her. I'm finding my eyes and mouth are getting uncomfortably dry, so it would be good if I can cut down without disaster threatening. Am going to think on it some more.

I see J again on Wednesday. Then one more session with her before she goes on holiday. The prospect of that is making me a little nervous, but I am hoping it will be fine.


La-reve said...

Wow- you sound busy. But also quite positive in that the thoughts are not hindering you doing what needs to be done. Actually feel quite lazy after reading that. Anyway glad you are having good holiday :)

Catherine said...

Good to see that you have accomplished so much. Today was spent doing . . . absolutely nothing. I did manage to nag the wee'un into cleaning her room and made myself do the dinner calendar / shopping list though so something must be said for that.

I have though about popping into my classroom, but the burning desire really isn't there so I doubt it will get done. I did plan out the next two weeks before I left for vacation and did some long-range planning as well, so I suppose that suffices. I do need to figure out how to avoid the grading trap I fell into this semester, so hopefully that will come.