Tuesday, 23 December 2008

All shopped out!

Have done two days shopping in town. Presents safely bought and only need to be wrapped now - maybe tonight if I can persuade W to join me in it.
H (younger daughter) had her second contact lens teaching session today and has come home proudly bearing them, able to insert and remove them. She's looking forward to building up her wear time now. One happy teenager!
Had a useful session with J today. We did a lot of work on identifying when my anxiety is rising and I am starting to feel out of control and then bringing it down. There were lots of opportunities to practise!
Am going to chilll out for a bit then, maybe, do some more sewing. It would be good to finish piecing this quilt top and it is nearly done now. Then tomorrow I dismantle the sewing room (aka the dining room!) I have bought some storage crates; the plan is to swap all the musical instruments down to the dining room after Christmas and then I will use the spare bedroom as a sewing room. For now, though. I'll be very happy just to get the dining room cleared.

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La-reve said...

Well done on the shopping front hope you get all prep done for the big day with the least stress possible. Take Care.x