Saturday, 8 November 2008


I am struggling tonight.
I would like to talk to someone about this but I can't think of anyone I can ask for help.
I had a horrible flashback this morning.
I coped OK for the rest of the day - went into town, made some cards - but now I am just feeling unable to cope, overwhelmed by everything.
I have too much to do. I have a list of things to do but the site where i have stored it is down at the moment. (Memo to self - save a local copy next time. Not much help right now).
I have been busy all day and had a late night last night. Tiredness is adding to my feelings of not being able to cope.
Tomorrow I have lessons to plan and I need to cook meals for the freezer.
I want to chill out an relax, immerse myself in anything but instead I am letting myself be trapped into multitasking. I want to slow down but instead I am speeding up.


Jules said...

Breathe, keep on. Don't give up, look back but only to learn, the past is only useful for doing the future better, look forward,lift up your head, take stock and believe in yourself,let go if you need to hold on if you need to. Sending you love

Jules xx

La-reve said...

Sorry, you feel this way hun,

can't think of anything appropriate to say or suggest. Except perhaps put off all tasks for now they can wait you need to sort yourself out. Speak to someone close to you or as last resort a phone line, I know you say you had a list of numbers before and if you think it will help give it a try. Will be thinking of you. x

marcella said...

sorry it is so hard.

Kathryn said...

It's a while since you posted, so I am hopign that you have managed to maybe breathe and sleep...but text if not. I had, without reading here, decided to light "your" candle and one other for another struggling friend tonight and had been praying for both of you, before I knew you were having such a rough ride. I hope that may be of a little comfort...your needs are known and recognised, even when you feel almost submerged in them.
God bless

Disillusioned said...

You are all very kind.

Jules, breathing is important - thanks for the reminder.

la-reve - putting off is also a good idea. Have tried to phone a helpline but the only one open was engaged.

Marcella - thanks. Hoping it is going to get easier. It is easier than 18 months ago; I am in a better place than I was then.

kathryn - I really appreciate this.