Saturday, 8 November 2008


I had a letter today to tell me I have been accepted onto the MA course I applied for.

Unfortunately I now have to find my QTS document. I have no idea where it is - I'm not even convinced I have such a document. It was nearly 25 years ago after all!

Ho hum....


Rainbow dreams said...

good luck, xx oh and well done :)

La-reve said...

Well done hun,
Still think its worthwhile letting them know about your situation so they can give you a bit of a lee-way if it's needed which it might not be. From what I gather you go all out and you don't want to risk burnout, eh!

Lareve x

Jessica said...

Congrats! That good news.
Hope you can find your document.

Disillusioned said...

Thank you all.
I have worked out how to get a copy of my certificate.
la-reve, I will certainly think about it. trouble is, my husband works at the university where i am going to do my course, and knows the course leaders well.... Makes it harder! Fortunately there is only one course a term (I think) - certainly I won't do more than one course a term!