Thursday, 20 November 2008


I had an email today from my psychiatrist. I'm sure it was triggered by my GP's fax asking for CMHT support to be put in and not by the promises of the same made by Dr K when I saw him three weeks ago. He writes that he has a personal assurance from the leader of the team I asked to be transferred to that a care coordinator will be arranged at their next team meeting next Tuesday.
I think I am relieved that this support will be put in place. I'm still fearful that it will not materialise, when push comes to shove. I'm also dismayed that nothing seemed to happen until my GP "reminded" Dr K.

I'm also concerned because Dr K says that the consultant for the new team has agreed to see me, once I have settled in - but Dr K told me he would continue to see me.

I'm left feeling that my needs are not significant to BLPT - it's all down to how much "fuss" is made (in this case by my GP who, having seen me last night, knows how difficult things are). Promises are not followed through. Responses are not sent. Yes, Dr K was on leave (he tells me) last week - but I saw him 3 weeks ago and he made promises to me then that he does not seem to have followed up till now. D promised me she would chase this up two weeks ago and I believe that she would have done so - but that seems to have had no effect either. Thank goodness for my GP.


theMuddledMarketPlace said...

GP's ....we love 'em too

marcella said...

thank goodness for good GPs, not that chasing up inadequate services elsewhere in the system is part of their job description, but they seem to do it very well nevertheless.