Tuesday, 25 November 2008

BLPT minutes

From the latest minutes. My comments in red.

PG said that it was important to focus on the whole spectrum of the service user experience. They should be asked what they like about the service. The Executive team would be looking at last year’s results. Staff should make sure standards are what they should be in service user care.
I'm all in favour of this. How, I wonder, is this to be ensured?

I'd like to be told if my community health team is changing - preferably in advance, preferably by my care coordinator, and preferably with reassurance and continuing support. I think this is an example of appropriate standards.

I'd think standards would be as they should be if promises were followed through. For example, if I am told my care will be transferred to a new CMHT, and that I will be allocated a new CC, I think that should happen without my GP having to fax the person concerned.

I don't think it is acceptable for people recognised by their psychiatrist as being in need of support should have to wait more than four weeks for support to materialise.

I think service user care should include copies of letters being sent to service users when that has been requested.

I think when service users are asked what they like about the service, that information should be acted on.

Are these ureasonable expectations - or are they a description of appropriate standards of care?

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