Wednesday, 26 November 2008

BLPT minutes

From the latest minutes. My comments in red.

GK said that CMHT was being radically re-engineered to provide services needed.

It might have been "re-engineered", but I have yet to be convinced, on a personal level, that it is providing "services needed".

Re-engineering usually implies improving. Re-engineering does not usually involve demolition without replacement. It implies supports are put in place - better than they were before, or at least as good. It doesn't imply that all support vanishes.

But then, this "re-engineering" term is closely associated for BLPT with the word "cleansing." That can suggest a cosmetic process - or something more sinister.


marcella said...

At least they didn't use "re-configured" which we all know means "cut"

Disillusioned said...

Maybe they think we won't realise that "re-engineered" also means cut?