Tuesday, 14 October 2008

Too long a half term

We have a week and a half to go, and I am tired, just tired. I keep challenging myself to produce exciting, interesting lessons and it is wearing me out at the moment. Especially when faced with pupils who are, at times, rude, difficult, unappreciative and unwilling to learn.
I am teaching a lot of lessons to a very difficult year group - by far the majority of my teaching time is spent with them this year. They have been a challenge since they joined us three years ago. There are some delightful pupils within the year group, but they tend to be outweighed by the uncooperative, and by those who seek to confront. I am struggling, at the moment, to keep positive. It's hard to keep putting in effort to make lessons shine when there is little positive response and plenty of challenge. In past years i have had more lessons with younger pupils within the school and i am missing that.

Ah well, it's the end of the day. Only the middle of the week though.


Mandy said...

Hi C

Having read your posting, I keep getting images of that film Michelle Pfeiffer was in that had 'Gansta's Paradise' for the theme tune.

I know it isn't actually like that (well guess it isn't) but going in to teach the apathetic and disengaged must be mega frustrating.

yes..I am once again the mistress of the understatement.

Catherine said...

Yesterday another teacher slumped near me and asked, "Is it summer yet?" Unfortunately I had to point out that even Thanksgiving is still over a month away.

I don't know about you, but I am exhausted. I get home every day and just want to collapse.