Monday, 27 October 2008


Very bad night last night. Phoned J and she was great - practical and supportive. Ended up going to bed and going to sleep to a relaxation CD she has given me - but slept fitfully, waking every couple of hours. Am going to try really hard to put some structure in to this week - I think I need it.


theMuddledMarketPlace said...

hey, hugs as you work out how to sort this

Disillusioned said...


Mandy said...

Hi C

Whatever you are doing..hope you are doing it with some comfort and (as you say to me, and others) with safety in place :>)

Hugs xx

CalumCarr said...

Hang in there.

hang on.

Thinking of you.

La-reve said...

How you doing hun?

Disillusioned said...

Again, thanks.

Mandy - I am safe right now, thanks. Calum - yes, I'm hanging on. La-reve - today has been a mixed day. Just got in from appt with psychiatrist where I got very upset - too much change, too many implications. Can't do it.