Monday, 6 October 2008

Sadly, this made me laugh

I've commented before that the links to the BLPT Trust Board minutes are ... unreliable ... to put it kindly. That's to say, they often don't work. I've learnt to work around it, and to post here the correct links, and to use their feedback form to let them know there is a problem. Sometimes i have to use their feedback form repeatedly but usually they eventually fix it.
They fixed the link to the last month's meeting agenda today. Yeah, I know, 10 days after the meeting. Ah well. Better late than never? Maybe.
Except now the links from the agenda to all the attached documents don't work.

You have to laugh.
I guess.
But someone is being paid to do this stuff - and they can't seem to sort it out.

Guess the concern about communication isn't that huge at BLPT.


Deb Acle said...

But, but, you must be mistaken. Tch.

The NHS is spending, let's see, are we up to £13billion? now on IT.

Of course they're interested in communicating! Whatever would make us think they're not? Silly old us!

But they're even more interested in hiding the incriminating evidence....

Mandy said...

Who have they got running their network and website....the cleaning lady?

I hear she also runs the switchboard and produces the quarterly budget reports.

What a gal...If only she could read and write!!!!

Deb Acle said...


(PS is your blog online again?)

Disillusioned said...

The saddest thing about all this, to me, is that it is exactly the same mistake made every single time. All that needs to happen is that the start of the web address should be https://www Instead it always seems to come online as http://nww. Clearly the document is being set up internally and moved to the web - but the links need to point to the online documents, not the internal ones. Not rocket science, really.

Mandy said...

Hi Deb

If you click on the piccie that goes with my comment it will take you to my new profile and blog.