Monday, 6 October 2008


Sleep is good. I went to bed at 8.30 last night and slept pretty soundly - until 3.30 when my husband knocked his clock onto the floor. Managed to doze again after that and feel less of a wreck this morning than I did yesterday.

Another busy week ahead. Meetings galore and lots of training sessions to lead. Tuesday will be easier as all of KS3 are having a thinking skills day so no normal lessons for them - or me, since I teach KS3 all day.

I have to pick up the pieces with one class as a result of my not being in school on Friday afternoon - their behaviour was, apparently, awful. Am hoping, actually, that their form tutor and Head of year will pick up that in terms of consequences, and I can just express my diappointment and dissatisfaction.


Catherine said...

Let's trade schedules this week. You come to the US and I'll go there. Nobody will ever realize anything is amiss.

(and I'll just stay there for your term break too, okay?)

Disillusioned said...

lol catherine. You're on - but I want my half term break, sorry! When is your next break due?

Catherine said...

My next break isn't until late November (Thanksgiving). Our schedule in the states is absolutely ridiculous. I wish our schedule here was more like yours -- it makes so much more sense.