Sunday, 7 September 2008


It's been busy, but lots of little achievements.
Went into town with the girls on Saturday. We shopped at Lidl, which was useful (and cheaper than a lot of places!). We picked up various things we had run out of at other shops too - and a couple of books for the girls as well.
Dyed my hair at home yesterday. It's now a lot darker than it was. I also no longer have grey roots... Wondering how many comments (and what type!) I will get tomorrow.
Did quite a bit of housework too. I really want to stay on top of that. So I cleaned the kitchen floor, cleaned the bathrooms - the kind of things most people do daily, I suspect. Also sorted the laundry, did loads of washing.
Today has been mostly devoted to working - preparing lessons, and doing technical things to enable the students to use our learning platform. They are all uploaded now (the source of some conflict and stress last week) and I have the first lesson planned (which takes care of this week) in great detail. I'm sure they are going to be really enthusiastic about this, and I am really looking forward to seeing in which directions they go.
Lesson planning is done -mostly. I am earmarking a lesson this week to preparing the rest of my Maths lessons. It's really hard to plan these at home without the resources. Last year I tried to do my lesson planning during a non contact lesson I had on Fridays. This year I don't have any non-contacts on Fridays, and I am not in school on Thursdays (it's my consultancy day). Wednesday feels a bit early to plan lessons, but I think I may have to do just that, as far as I can. Otherwise I am going to need to bring lots of resources home. It's a real pain that the curriculum has changed for our Y7 pupils this year (thank you SO much for that, National Curriculum Authority). It means so much replanning in many of the subjects I teach, particularly Maths - which is the subject I find most difficult to plan in any case.
I've also managed to do some genealogy. That has been good.
Am now debating with myself - shall I go to bed and read some more of the new Jodie Picoult book I bought yesterday, or play some computer games. Hmmm.


marcella said...

sounds very productive. The only person i know who cleans the kitchen and bathroom(s) (thank goodness we only have one) EVERY day, is my mother in law and she's a dead ringer for Hyacinth Bucket so I wouldn't chide yourself too much if you don't quite meet those standards.

Disillusioned said...

Thanks Marcella.

"Don't quite meet" is something I have yet to aspire to....