Thursday, 11 September 2008

BLPT Annual Report 2008

Looked at this on the web. You can find it here if you are interested.

I was interested in the Principal Objectives - the main aims of the organisation - for last year, and in the way they are phrased:

"In 2007-8 we set out three Principal Objectives. We will strive to:
exceed the expectations of our Service Users with the quality and responsiveness of our services;
continue to be a financially sound organisation and achieve our financial surplus target; and
achieve Foundation Trust status in 2009."

It implies, doesn't it, that the objective last year was to achieve Foundation trust status in this coming year, 2009.
But that wasn't their aim last year. Last year's objectives were:
"The Trust Board has agreed three Principal Objectives for the coming year. These are:
To aim to exceed the expectations of our service users with the quality & responsiveness of our services;
To continue to be a financially sound organisation and achieve our financial surplus target;
To achieve Foundation status during 2008."

They could argue that they succeeded in the first ojective, because they could argue that they did "aim" to exceed expectations. Unfortunately, based on the HCC survey last year, they missed that aim, being rated by patients as "below average". The most recent results are still awaited. This document hints at some concern over the potential results.
I don't know whether they are financially sound. I suspect they are. I can't interpret all the figures. I do wonder at what cost they are financially sound, in terms of the people who are supposed to matter - the service users.
They certainly didn't achieve the final objective - and the date they are aiming for keeps changing with every board meeting, it seems.


mandy lifeboats appeal said...

"exceed the expectations of our Service Users with the quality and responsiveness of our services;"

What I think about that 'mission statement' is unprintable!!!

mandy lifeboats appeal said...

What I mean is not so much the statement itself but the response the Trust has made to that statement.

I am sure it thinks it has surpassed itself with it's endeavours but I have a fair few people (myself included) that think it has, once again, deluded itself into a state of grandeur.

Red light...spells danger!!!!

Disillusioned said...

I know what you mean, Mandy!

Dragon said...

No doubt this will be vetted, but geez, how sad you all appear to be! Have you nothing better in your lives that you spend so much time complaining about people and the valid/valued jobs that they do.

God help you all, but "disillusioned" especially. Imagine if your students (says education, but I couldn't find anything more specific) ever set up a "blog" to complain, moan, slate or abuse you, and your job.

Be bold disillusioned, state your school and I'm sure we can get you reviewed. If I found out that my children were being taught by someone so hell-bent on slagging other people's jobs, I would make sure that the views were reciprocated.

If I were your counsellor, I'd be concerned if I ever upset you for the anonymous abuse that I may receive.

Chill out a bit... Why not explain what these people have done wrong, for you. Perhaps give them an opportunity to resolve your problem(s). I'm sure that your counsellor has suggested the same (well I hope so anyway) - move on.

Note: I have nothing to do with any NHS trust. Ofsted however, may get you closer! My Google alert on education just brought you up. In case you are wondering, yes I will be watching this further and if/when required, yes I will investigate.

All the best for the future

Disillusioned said...

Hi dragon

No, I'm not going to vet this. You're entitled to your views. You presumably have not encountered mental health trusts in their worst workings!

If you read my blog carefully, you will see that I have posted many, many positive comments about people I have encountered in BLPT. Perhaps you need to read it in its entirity, not just those posts with the BLPT tag. I say it as it is. And yes, I have tried extremely hard to get this resolved through official channels. Again, if you read my blog, you can see how hard I have tried.

I won't post my school - because of the type of threat you hint at in your post, and because of my desire to retain some privacy. I mean, really - the hint of "Ofsted" as a threat. Come on! For what it is worth, I have been observed many many times, and rated consistently as a "good", "very good" (before that rating was removed) or even "outstanding" teacher. That's by OFSTED and internally.

Were students to post about me - I would want to know why. I would want to resolve the issues. BLPT haven't done that. They are aware of my concerns. They choose not to do anything.

Since you actually arrived at my blog by searching on Google for "blogger blpt", (my site counter is clear on this; you were the only visitor online when this comment was posted) you will no doubt understand my disbelief that you actually did find my blog through a "Google alert on education". You've made several other visits recently, and only seem to be interested in my posts about BLPT.

I have no doubt that you could find out who I am. Indeed, you probably know that already from your contacts. However, that does not really concern me, although I am sure you intend it to. My school know of many of my struggles and they know how hard I work. They also know that I listen to students.

I hope you manage to read my blog more thoroughly. It might help you to understand better some of my struggles and (yes!) my bitterness. It might also help you to realise that my complaints are not against my counsellors (who have been fantastic, as I have frequently described). Rather they are against the bureaucrats and managers who have refused to answer my justified concerns.

Interestingly you choose to hide your profile...