Monday, 15 September 2008


... oops - I wobbled!

The weekend was dominated - too dominated - by working. How to find a balance, that's my current issue. I too easily slip into working all the time - school work or housework or both. That certainly happened this weekend. I really noticed the effects on coming home from work, where i felt on edge, irritable, tired - and yet, instead of taking time to relax, I set to with housework.
I forgot the break and lunch time relaxation task too. And the daily journalling. I'm not doing too well at the looking after myself bit at the moment.
I recognise too that triggers - major, fundamental, historical family ones - have been at work this weekend. I have taken steps to minimise them, but they are having an impact. My next counselling session isn't until Friday this week - wish it were sooner.
Oh well.
Focusing on the end point again now, stilling my breathing and trying to remind myself I don't have to do everything, don't have to be perfect.
Action plan -
Relaxation is a MUST.
Sleeping tablets - alternate nights may not be manageable just at the moment.
Daylight - I need to get more. Will try to fit in a lunchtime walk this week.


marcella said...

Terrifying picture, simply terrifying. Do get out in the sun while we have it - I'm fully convinced by this story

MMP said...

euw, Nasty picture!
so sorry it's that tough for you right now

Disillusioned said...

Sorry you find thepic frightening. It sums up so much how I feel right now though...

Marcella - I read that article too, and like you am convinced by it.

La-reve said...

You do seem to be doing a lot there, but good that you are able to recognise it, the next step is trying to take time out (the hardest bit I know). Do work know about your difficulties and perhaps could lessen your burdens or is it you burdening yourself? Hope you aort it anyway.

Disillusioned said...

Thanks, la-reve.

Yes, work know about the (historical) difficulties. I think it is mostly me burdening myself at present, though my occupation is always challenging! I continue to work at it.
Time of the month doesn't help much, as I have realised today!