Saturday, 23 August 2008


Again, thinking about them.
I don't have good experiences with endings, for the most part. I'm keen to change this but it is a very difficult process for me - I'm so easily triggered back to panic.

So, has anyone got any ideas - or positive experiences to share - on the ending of therapeutic relationships (counselling etc)? I'm keen to plan for this to be as positive as possible but fearing it hugely.


Seratonin said...

The first time I had contact with the CMHT I found it incredibly difficult to cut the ties.It's pretty common to feel it as being a wrench when finishing therapy.If you feel like this it would be a good idea to mention it in your last appointment.Could you arrange to contact your therapist/CPN after the final appointment, just to give yourself a bit of a safety net even if it's several weeks/months down the line ?
Good luck anyway.
Sis xxx

Silvawingz said...

I wish I could help but I can't give you any sound advice other than just to walk away.

Calum said...

Sorry, no advice. This ending of a terapeutic relationship is the stage I got involved with Mrs Carr's GP. We asked for help at te ending and were given absolutely NOTHING.

Despite this I'm not suer that this is a standard response and so, if you can, I'd mention your concerns to the therapist and your GP now. Hopefully, they'll organise some support.

Sorry, I can't be more positive. Hope you get the support you need.

Disillusioned said...


Seratonin, I'm not actually cutting the ties with CMHT at the moment, but sessions with my therapist are about to end and there are lots of questions about anything to follow up and help me to address the issues which have surfaced during this therapy.
I do have an appt this week with my CMHN and will make sure I have another follwing this last T session - good suggestions, thanks.
Silva - trouble is, if it was down to me I wouldn't walk away from this connection _ D is the only person I have been able to talk about the abuse with and I so wish it were possible to see this work through with her.

Calum I'm sorry. I know i will have some support there after I finsih seeing D - my CMHN and my psychiatrist are good - but what I lack at the moment is someone I can work on the issues with.