Sunday, 8 June 2008

Rest and exercise

Had a really relaxing morning - long lie in with a book. That was nice. This afternoon I raced through my lesson planning and then went out to the gym for my Sunday afternoon two hour marathon. First was "Body Vibe" - an aerobics type class. Now, aerobics and I don't have a good histoy, but I am starting to really enjoy this class. It WAS hard though, and I was pouring with sweat by the end of it! That was followed by the Yoga class. A different sort of pain this. However, I know how helpful that session is to me, particularly in line with all the mindfulness things I am trying to keep in place. Increasingly I use it as a focusing activity - I know the moves by now, so this provides me with a calm space.

It's also proving to be a useful excursion into being sociable. Having gone to the Bodyvibe class for the past 4 weeks now, I am starting to recognise people. I'm even starting to welcome new people. And today it ws great to see a friend of mine there, H. Haven't run into her for a while (busy lives we both lead!) so it was good to have a catchup.

Have done a little marking since returning home - English writing assessments take ages, and I think the evening isn't the best of times for me to tackle them. I need to be at the peak of my concentration and have the time and energy to do several, so that I can get into teh swing of the different criteria. But I have got another three out of the way, which is a step in the right direction.

Off to bed now. Think I will pick out another Jodi Picoult to reread.

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