Wednesday, 18 June 2008

More additional comments

Hmm - possibly something a little odd about that title!

From the same report as the previous item, also omitted from the final letter. This concerns the fact that no copy of my care plan appeared in the records. (I returned a signed, annotated copy to M on receipt, and copied it to other clinicians).

However the absence of the annotated copy of the Care Plan, which was signed by [you], is a major concern. On the 10/07/07 at 17:15, an email from [M] to [you] stated ‘As requested by you, your care plan will be posted to you this week.’ There is no copy either annotated notes or finished copy within [your] clinical notes. On behalf of the Trust I formally apologise for the Care Plan not being contained within your clinical notes as normal standard practice. There is no excuse or reason other than a gross error on our part, for your Care Plan not to be in your clinical notes as it should be.

Again, why was this section omitted from the final letter sent to me?

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mandy lifeboats appeal said...

Hi C

Care Plans...Something that service users comment on every year in the SU survey. As in asking where are they?

I actually have one but filled in an exit form on day I was discharged from the unit and it asked if I had been given one in the unit? I already had one. Most of the questions were irrelevant to me although in the comments box I wrote that they need a pay phone there. That is really remiss of them, not to have one.

I told the nursing staff that is what I suggested and they thought it was a brilliant idea. I thought it was quite obvious that it was necessary but there you go.