Saturday, 14 June 2008


Have decided I must achieve something today (beyond taking the necessary R&R time!) Saturdays tend to slip by for me and I look back and see I have nothing to mark them with. So today I have decided to set myself some tasks. I'll reflect this evening on how many I achieve! The tasks are:
Sort the laundry (it's really mounting up!)
Vacuum at least some of the house.
Do some sewing (I want to finish some more postcards and possibly start some more)
Phone the library to renew library books.

I'm also going to attempt to do them mindfully. At times this week thoughts and ruminations have started to crowd in; minduflness is one way I know of managing this. So while doing each task I will make an effort to be thinking only about it.

This evening I am on taxi duties as E has a party to go to and W is out for the day.


Rainbow dreams said...

good luck with all of that - we are trying to achieve too inbetween piano lessons and taxi duties during the daytime too - I'm planning on baking, sewing school bits and have some phone calls to make aswell as clen R's room!!! perhaps we can relax over a cuppa later..:)x

Disillusioned said...

Thanks Katie.
I achieved the laundry, the vacuuming and the library - not bad! Also did some genealogy and emptied all of the bins. Am basking today in the knowledge that my lesson planning is all done so am busy marking writing scripts - not such fun!