Thursday, 1 May 2008

Another MMP inspired postcard; you can find the original here. Did I do it justice? Hope so - I have taken liberties with the colours, I admit... Have just made a second of these, I like it so much. MMP - I need more pictures!
The sun has shone intermittently today. It has helped. I didn't manage to walk to the shop to get lunch as the rain started as I set foot out of the door. However, I did go out into our garden on my (early) return from work. I watered out sheltered pots, and then threw some food into the fish pond (very murky it looks right now!) and sat and watched our fish discovering it. We stocked the pond at the start of last summer with three Shubunkin. Clearly we managed both male and female, because they laid an impressive array of eggs on the underside of our lily pads, which produced large numbers of fish. Fortunately not all survived, otherwise there would be no space left. We do have at least 5 "babies" though - three black and two grey. So our pond stock has nearly trebled in a year. Hope it won't do that every year!
It was lovely to sit and watch them - very soothing, and refreshed by the sunlight I came inside to do some more sewing. Three more postcards nearly completed. Three at a time seems to be a good number - drawing up patterns and ironing onto fabric the first night, then sewing the second and backing and finishing the third. But I am starting to need more inspiration. I like to make different cards, not repeat myself (with some exceptions).
I've agreed to do a "Masterclass" as an after school session with some of the more able Fabric students some time this term, showing them how to make cards of their own. I guess I should start designing and making some simple cards for inspiration for them.
Something ahs upset my alarm clock. It woke me at 12.30 last night. I swear I didn't change anything - can't explain it, unless I accidentally, in my sleep, knocked the inaccessible "sleep" button and turned it on. But I really have no idea how that could have happened. Grr.


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