Wednesday, 30 April 2008

Wednesday morning, 5.30 am!

Postcard above courtesy of a photo by MMP.
It's a bit tough at the moment - too many demands, lots going on. E is preparing for her GCSEs (apparently she has 9 school days remaining - scary thought). Lots of additional demands at work - targets, boxes to tick, meaningless meetings, mew projects.

The power going off at 5.30 am this morning really didn't help. A direct consequence was my radio alarm going off at the same time. So then I had to make sure it was turned off )not on snooze) and reset the clock and the alarm for their normal times (6.30am in our house). Of course I didn't get straight back to sleep... The day proper then began with a trip to the hospital for a blood test, requested by my GP, followed by a standard day of teaching. My non-teaching lesson was taken up with new technologies, finding out how new kit works, and my lunch time by more of the same plus supporting a colleague. Fortunately an early return home, but I am very tired tonight. so apologies for the distinct lack of interesting posts here - things are OK, but it's all just a bit of a slog at the moment. It will improve - what passes for "normal service" will hopefully be resumed shortly.


MMP said...

How cool is that, thank you!
Do hope your world turns the right way up soon

Disillusioned said...

You're welcome - thank you!

I think it's all the right way up, just in a bit of overload! I'm coping (more or less) - not slipping into the dreaded depression, more tired and weary. I should see it as a "learning opportunity" maybe...

mandy lifeboats appeal said...

Hi C

You are really good (and some) at these patchwork pictures.

Sounds like a hectic day for you. Hope you got some unwind time and that your Thursday is a gentler one for you.

Disillusioned said...

Thank you Mandy. As you will see from today's post, I did take some unwinding time today, and the school day ended up a bit gentler too.