Monday, 7 April 2008

First day back

Verdict - better than I anticipated.

Now, I know, that should be no surprise. It's a common pattern. I fear the worst and it usually turns out not so bad. But in fact I think my anticipation of the worst served me well today. I went in prepared (took Valium with me, used it, which made me less anxious) and didn't expect too much (so people talking to me and seeming to care was a bonus). I was aware and so hopefully protected myself better than I usually do. And I focused on my own needs - and so let a lot of the "stuff" that we were told about new initiatives, needs to do more, aim high, do better etc roll over me. I can't do any more at the moment, went my reasoning. I'm working on doing the best I can all the time, and this is tough, so I need to look out for me too. So I did. And it worked.

Teaching tomorrow - which I am looking forward to. Am working on a list of "props" (preferably easily obtained!) to use to represent the main characters in Shakespeare's The Tempest. I'm introducing it to a class of 12-13 year olds from Wednesday on and really want to make it work. So if you can think of any items (preferably those which can be worn or easily carried) which my pupils can use as they walk through the play in an hour, please let me know!


mandy lifeboats appeal said...

Hi D

Glad your first day back was better than expected. It must help you, as you move into the rest of the week.

Also good that you are looking forward to teaching tomorrow.

Is great that you are doing alright there. Everyone needs and should get good days..weeks and shall we get really ambitious and say months? Maybe that is over optimistic but enjoy all you can when you can.


Disillusioned said...

Thanks Mandy. Step by step. The teaching is good - I am really enjoying it. Still having the deep deep dips, but maybe, just maybe, I am climbing out of the worst.