Sunday, 2 March 2008


The sun is shining today and it lifts my spirits. It's not warm outside (too windy for that) but I did make a brief exit and saw the crocuses and pansies, heads turned to the sun - and it made me smile. Maybe this afternoon I will get out and look in the back garden, and possibly even plant the summer bulbs I bought yesterday.


mandy lifeboats appeal said...

Hi D

Glad your today seems brighter and that you got a chance to get out and look at the flowers.

Being around nature and it's beauty is a plus.

I got a boost cos someone from another network told me they thought my blog was brilliant. Usually, I feel like I am alone in cyber mania but that lifted my spirits. And another sweet soul wrote some Chesney Hawks lyrics in homage to my views on CBT. Ha! Ha!

I also made some cards yesterday. Have stepped up from cutting up pre printed sheets of decoupage to making my own.

My friend is having a stall at a charity booty sale next month. I might ask if she will put some of my cards on her stall. Am expecting nothing so if 1 sells that will be another bonus.

Enjoy the rest of your day

Disillusioned said...

Hi Mandy

Glad you got positive feedback from your blog.

Your card making sounds fun. I'm slogging through the planning at the moment. Did a nice roast lonch today; W wants to put some stuff in the attic which is what I guess we will be doing very soon. Have you tried wrapping paper for decoupage? I've used that with some success and it's a lot cheaper than pre-made decoupage sheets. Hope that your friend can put some on her stall. I've had a few stalls to see quilted stuff I have made - but I seem to make more money by taking stuff into school near Christmas in a big box! Haven't tried selling cards yet though.

Rainbow dreams said...

Hi glad you saw the sun today and got out too. Happy Mothers day, we've been busy with R's friends karting and bowling for his birthday party...and now am catching up on household chores before writing out my application neatly...
love from me, K, x

Disillusioned said...

Hi Katie

I thought the entire family had forgotten about it being Mother's day (in terms of me, anyway) - but was given a surprise gift from the girls of the new Donny Osmond CD at lunch time, which was nice.

Preparing lessons seemed to take ages today, and I am well aware I have not planned all I need to. Some to do tomorrow in my non-contact, as usual.

Hope the application writing goes smoothly.