Saturday, 1 March 2008

Servant mode

That's what today has felt like. Here's my timetable:

8.00: Get up, wake daughters.
9.00: Take younger daughter to her Saturday morning Philosophy course.
9.30: Immediately take elder daughter into town to buy emergency birthday present for best friend (Amazon not having got the parcel to use yesterday due to elder daughter only having ordered it on Wednesday - arghhh!)
10.45: return home to find Amazon parcel delivered... Elder daughter starts making birthday card.
11.30: Take elder daughter to best friend's birthday party. Go on to DIY shop to buy decorating supplies (our house desparately in need of love and attention). go straight from there to
1.00: Pick younger daughter up from course, drop her at home and go straight to supermarket to do major shop, leaving hubby (with cold) at home on computer. Go straight from supermarket to
2.30: Collect elder daughter from party. Drive home, unpack shopping.
3.00; Start cooking for freezer. Make 15 quiches, 7 servings of sausage casserole, 5 portions of potato bake, 6 portions of roasted vegetables, 2 vegetable flans.
6.00: stop, retreat to computer (having cleared up kitchen).

Internal life went somewhere along the lines of:
"I remember.... I don't want to remember ... did this really happen ... I'm safe now ... stop remembering... I remember ... I don't want to remember ... did this really happen ... I'm safe now ... stop remembering..." etc.


MMP said...

o crumbs- sounds ghastly- really hope tomorrow is surpisingly wonderful by comparison though- hugs

Disillusioned said...

At least it has stopped me from thinking too much!

Kathryn said...

That's beyond ...oh...pretty much my wildest dreams of domesticity.
You're amazing...and as one whose day was not dissimilar in terms of hurtling from pillar to post, I salute you wholeheartedly.
Do hope that today has bought space, time and peace to

Disillusioned said...

Thank you Kathryn.

I managed to fit them in the freezer too! Mind you, NOTHING else will go in our freezer now. Which is good, because it means there is no way I can do another batch of cooking next week....