Saturday, 8 March 2008


Am about to go off and have another sewing day, making fabric boxes. I am looking forward to it.

Had a good gym session with J yesterday - lots of cardio and weights and then a bit of Yoga. No panics there tonight. Jane had time to sit and talk afterwards, so that's what we did, over a cuppa, which was nice.

I'm planning to do some work on the workbook (which did arrive) tomorrow morning, when the house will be relatively quiet. It looks really good, though I know I am going to find parts of it really tough going.

Also need to do some serious catching up on the marking. Have found it so hard to organise my non-teaching time this week.

On Monday I am on a course - a day out of school, looking at the new KS3 curriculum. It's always refreshing to have a day out of school, but I could do without new things to implement and new schemes of work to write!


mandy lifeboats appeal said...

Hi D

"I could do without new things to implement and new schemes of work to write!"

But such is the way of British Education.

When I worked in college, one inititiative was soon outdated by the next one.

Wider participation, inclusive learning to be turned around (and funding lost) when the focus was back on post school vocation. Not that I say one is any more important than the other but a bit of longer term thinking might stop the roundabout and ever changing goal posts.

To get some kind of objectivity, do you find new curriculums an improvement on existing ones?

Disillusioned said...

At the moment the buzz phrase is AfL (Assessment for Learning) - but tomorrow's course is all about the new National KS3 curriculum. From my first glance, it doesn't look that different from the existing KS3 ICT curriculum - but of course, we will have to undertake replanning and mapping of the objectives to ensure we are meeting them...