Wednesday, 27 February 2008

Survival plan

Actually, in some ways feels odd to need this. School is going well in terms of teaching. In fact, I am really enjoying teaching at the moment and feel like I am doing a decent job at it. Just that I am tending to dissociate and lose time when not busy (ie not in the classroom). However, need it I do. So, today with C I drew up a schedule of sorts - for keeping myself safe, for nurturing myself. Daily activities to aim for , to prioritise.
Also a framework for working through things - timescales, structures to ground myself - and some really good information on coping with flashbacks from which I have drawn up my own steps.

Just hope it works.

It's weird, this jumping from near mania (or certainly very very active teaching in the classroom, seemingly boundless energy and enthusiasm) to the depths of not being able to make the simplest of decisions or prioritise what I should do. I can switch minute by minute.It's very disconcerting.


mandy lifeboats appeal said...

Your survival plan sounds good D,

If you have been given suggestions/techniques to deal with flashbacks hope they help.

Switching from highly active to more dormant and fragile. Hey, I could write the book.

The plus is that work sounds like it went well for you and you handled it well.

Now, hopefully, you will sleep well


Awareness said...

I can relate.....When i'm counselling or teaching, i'm full of energy, and then it's like my brain floats away when i go back to my office.

I need to work on a survival plan too so i don't float off.....

MMP said...

this is serious step by step work- think you're amazing

Disillusioned said...

Thank you all.
Mandy, the techniques do help. Particularly the idea of limiting time spent thinking about difficult things - that is working well.

Dana,it's good to know I'm not the only one who floats off. Today was so busy I didn't have time to though!

MMP - grateful thanks. Your encouragement means a lot.