Monday, 11 February 2008


Massage - good. Back a little better; shoulders much better. Went out and bought myself one of those memory foam pillows - wast extravagance, but worth a try.

Dentist - survived. One panicky moment and one very disturbing one which I can't quite fathom at the moment. But survival (albeit with the aid of meds) is good, in my book.

Clinical notes - interesting. Very interesting. Some real positives in there - D has been such an advocate for me and that shone through the opposition of others. I feel I have much more of a picture of what was going on behind the scenes now. And of course, what was going on behind the scenes is a much fuller picture than what BLPT told me officially.

Reports - no progress. But there's always tomorrow.


MMP said...

.......i like tomorrows.....

Disillusioned said...

Me too, mmp. However, have just realised I have two appointments today as well (nearly missed one - and it is quite important) so not sure how it will all get fitted in.

MMP said...

.......fitting things in?
yes, i'm right in the middle of that one
by tonight we'll know if I've managed that or if we have furniture on the front lawn!

Awareness said...

Hi Caroline!!

I'm sorry I havent popped in to see you as much this past week or so. I just want you to know that it doesn't mean I'm not thinking of fact, I was wondering yesterday how you were doing and hoping you were enjoying your school break.

ps. Can you please send me some of your canneloni?????? Puuuulllleeeze?

Shine that light beautiful lady! Hope your day is full of music and thoughts of spring plantings!

Disillusioned said...

Hi mmp

How's the furniture moving going? Hope it does all fit in!

Dana, good to see you. Canneloni on its way (lol - you wish!)