Monday, 14 January 2008

Speed test game - just for fun

The World as We Know It

I'm an Ambling Armadillo.
Well, that puts me in my place!


Caroline said...

a consistent bobbing suggests i try again after a cup of coffee, but i guess that should wait til morning....

sleep well,

Awareness said...

I suck at this! I'm a sluggish snail!! I blame it on being left handed AND a morning person.

oh, and i had a glass of wine with dins. perhaps that was it!! :)

Rainbow dreams said...

I'm an ambling armadillo too - but I blame my mouse being slow...
catch you when I return from my funerals - on friday....hugs,

Disillusioned said...

Glad you're enjoying it!

mandy lifeboats appeal said...

Hi C

3 attempts.

First, I was a slobbing snail (or summat like that)

Second, was going well and then go a penatly for jumping gun and was a snail again

Third, I got a bobbing bobcat.

Think I will quit while ahead

Take care :>)

Disillusioned said...

Hi Mandy

I managed to get up to a bobbing bobcat on the laptop (using the touchpad mouse rather than the external one) so I'm laying the blame on the mouse as much as my poor reactions and the alcohol I have consumed....