Monday, 28 January 2008

Misunderstandings, misperceptions, misinterpretations (and not all mine)

But taken as "gospel" in my notes, which is very disconcerting.

Such as the assertion that nothing less than more therapy sessions with D (psychologist) would satisfy me back in the summer when all fell apart. Not so. Never the case. Yes, I regretted the end of the sessions, but largely because I knew it was the end of a relationship which had been very therapeutic and supportive and all other relationships were (in some cases temporarily) at an end at that point. But I truly do not believe I hankered after restarting sessions with D. I just wanted the support I had been promised, the support which was there in my care plan. But, in black and white in my complaints file is the declaration that "nothing else will satisfy her..." No evidence of this. But the declaration stands and I have no means of countering it.
Similarly with the declarations from M that I emailed her daily.
Similarly with the "blame games" - implicit in so much is that I am at fault.

Reminders of promises not followed through ... requests for my input into Non-Executive Director sessions and induction programmes, into the new Complaints Policy, and undertakings to review my clinical notes (both for two directors to do so and for the opportunity for me to review my notes with a director.) This latter I have now requested and hope will happen. For the rest - I think I am "too hot to handle". Discarded, discounted.

I'm also interested that agendas and minutes are no longer being placed on BLPT's website prior to Trust Board meetings.....

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