Monday, 28 January 2008

Message to myself

Shut up.

Just shut up.


Oh, and don't ask anyone in BLPT for help or support. You can guarantee if you do it will be used to show you are demanding / difficult / unrealistic / unappreciative in future.

Memo to self - don't reach out any more. You don't deserve the help.

(no contradictions required)


marcella said...

Please, real, lovely Caroline, don't shut up. If you have a nasty voice that's telling you untruths then IT can shut up but that's not the same thing.

MMP said...

strangle that parrot on your shoulder
then sing
sing for your freedom
sing for your future
it's only nightime for a while
the sun rises

massive hugs and if you can't sing- i will!

Rainbow dreams said...

I can't e mail from here - but I am around...
you deserve to have people reach out TO you, that is exactly what you deserve...
Know I am thinking and sending love...

totallyun-pc said...


Disillusioned said...

Marcella, mmp, Katie - thank you for your perceptiveness and assurances.

totallyun-pc - BLPT = "Bedfordshire & Luton Mental Health and Social Care Partnership Trust". See