Thursday, 10 January 2008

Busy day

I feel I am buzzing....

Have spent the day at BETT - the ICT in education exhibition, in London. I go annually; my head kindly lets me have it as a training opportunity, and so it proved, once again, to be this year.

So many new ideas, new products, new possibilities.

New ideas - using role playing computer games to teach subjects through Neverwinter Nights; ways of using film in the classroom; ways of getting pupils involved through technology.

New products - a great little handset which looks like a remote control and will enable me to remotely control pupils' computers - blanking the screens, loading programs, restricting access to other programs (potential for some great April Fool jokes there, evil laugh!) A mini "laptop" which runs open source software on a machine which weighs only 2 pounds and costs under £200. An online, free film library with teaching resources. I picked up some books from Tarquin which I know will make my Maths lessons easier to plan. Also got some new ICT teaching resources, to help me plan some units.

And of course, the people. Meeting up with friends I have worked with before was great. Making new connections (one on the train) which open up more possibilities was exciting.

Another really long day (that makes three this week so far!) but a very enjoyable one. A task for the weekend - or next week - is to distill it into an A4 page and try to communicate some of it to my colleagues.


Caroline said...

glad you had such a good day,hug from here

Disillusioned said...

Thank you!

the little medic said...

I have one of those mini laptops - its actually a fully functioning laptop and is being used as my main laptop at the moment. IT IS AMAZING!

Wrote a post about it here:

Disillusioned said...

Hey - yes, that's the one! I'm really excited about it as a possibility for those (few) of our pupils who do not have computer access at home - it could open things up for them. Above all, though, it is just really neat!