Monday, 17 December 2007

Don't get it

I've asked so many times for the promises made at the local resolution meeting to be kept. those promises were recorded in the minutes of the meeting which were agreed by all present. They focused on issues which would be investigated by CB and addressed to in her report. 7 of the 9 issues were not addressed. CB has now, it seems, left the Trust so I cannot get clarification from her about why they were not addressed.

I asked the Chief Executive of Bedfordshire and Luton Mental Health and Social Care Partnership Trust to address these issues. In his response (which has still not been sent to me as a hard copy) he ignored them all.

I asked again for clarification and answers. PM has not replied to this request at all.

I asked the Chair of the Trust Board and members of the Trust Board to investigate on my behalf and to try to obtain answers. None of them have responded to this request, though some have acknowledged receiving it.

I don't understand this. It smacks of conspiracy. It smacks of CB being told she was not allowed to address these issues in writing. It's not just accidental. It's not lack of understanding of what I was asking. It's not simple ineptitude. It's a deliberate decision on someone's part to refuse to address these issues. There must be BIG secrets they are trying to hide.

What could those secrets be?
- that service users don't matter ? That's no secret.
- that the policies within blpt (particularly the complaints policy) are not followed? Proven by my experience.
- that directors sign off letters to complainants without reading them? Well, it's either that or back to the first point - it doesn't matter what we write to complainants as long as we don't accept liability.
- that people who have made complaints are discriminated against in their future treatment by certain CMHTs? Proven in my case - denied by BLPT due to lack of written evidence of discrimination against me. Like, yes, sure staff are going to record that they intended to discriminate!
- that BLPT doesn't want to know about how complainants feel about the experience of complaining? Given that they have repeatedly reneged on undertakings to carry out surveys, this is no surprise either.
- that BLPT believes people who are dissatisfied with the way their complaint has been dealt with will not pursue things any further? Come on, folks, let's buck this trend at least.

CB, if you are by any chance aware of this blog (or made aware of it by others), you know my email address - can you explain what has happened? Trust Board Directors - are you prepared to get your hands dirty, to ask the difficult questions on my behalf and to let me know some answers? The Trust Board has been repeatedly criticised for not meeting the needs of its service users, for not involving them in the Board - well, here is a chance to redress the balance somewhat. You all know how to contact me. Please won't one of you show some compassion and do so?

I've asked the following individuals (whose names are all posted publicly as part of BLPT's website) to read these pages and to help. I hope one or more will.

Tracy Abbott; Rehana Begum; Randeep Nahal; Penny Bolam ; Paul Mullin ; Fay Brown ;Elizabeth Sullivan ; Celia Bennett; Cath Broadhead; Bernard Harrison; Abigail Mshelia; Sue Simmons ; Geoff Keats; Debbie Dunning ; Alison Davis; Mahmood Hussain; Bob King; Laura Bierne; Gerry Nolan; Helen Buckingham; Ian Fuller; David Robinson; Neil McArthur; Elaine Horrocks; Bill Gardiner; Harmeen Markar.

Surely someone must have the power and the compassion to intervene?


MMP said...

I have no words to say
just a wry smile of understanding
a wave from over here
and a hug, saved up for when you need it

Rainbow dreams said...

Still here with you Caroline...

Disillusioned said...

Thanks both.