Tuesday, 13 November 2007

"Have your Say"

That was the title of the meeting I went to today. I said. I think they listened. Whether litsenting will translate into action remains to be seen - my cynical voice says that is very unlikely, based on previous experience.
Struggling to hold it all together tonight. But you're probably all pretty sick of hearing that from now.
God, tonight it is really grim.


Kathryn said...

Oh dear....I'm so sorry it's not feeling good this week. Flat out here (just in from that meeting) and rather preoccupied with a pastoral emergency - but never too busy to pray and send love and hugs xxx

marcella said...

WELL DONE for having your say. I think they DO listen although how much of what they hear CAN get through the labyrinthine muddle that is the NHS I don't know. Hugs and hope you are feeling a little better this morning - you really have made a difference by having your say.

MMP said...

don't think any of us are sick of hearing you admit it's tough.

if it's tough...it's tough.

hope your Wednesday includes sparkly bits of happiness

Awareness said...

hey Caroline....you can always have your say here! It's your corner!

I guess it comes down to their choice. You have expressed your frustrations and disdain and it will be up to them to take it and use it the way they choose to.

I just got back from a session with a group of nursing students who are doing school placements in the public housing community. We had this conversation, relating it to William Glasser's Choice theory. We can be in charge of how we react and respond, but in the end the other person involved in an interaction has the same choices. It can be SO frustrating when you have no control over how the information is processed and used.

I'm glad you felt that that they listened....that you were heard.

Rainbow dreams said...

sending love and hugs and hoping itgets easier soon, xx