Monday, 12 November 2007


This was the only word I could come up with to connect current thoughts.

Our washing machine is officially deceased. It is no more. New one duly ordered, to be delivered at the weekend. Bravely (or possibly foolishly) I have decided it must be within even my capabilities to connect it, given that the pumbing is all in place, and so have declined to pay the £20 connectiong fee. Have arranged to impinge on the generosity of friends to run some washing through their machines.

Tomorrow is the BLPT Service Users conference - "Have your Say". Not sure if there will be casualties there, but if there are am hoping I will not be among them.

Concert last night does NOT relate to the Casualties theme it was fab, and just as fantastic was meeting up with Sally for the first time. Thanks, Sally - I enjoyed your company. Chris and Julie were great and I laughed and smiled and sang along and felt briefly normal - well, as normal as I ever get. Amazon parcel (mostly for the girls) arrived today - but one treat for me was in it: a new Indigo Girls CD, to which I am currently listening.


MMP said...

ok you shiney-halo-person-you....

are you telling us you are going to connect the washing machine?
( yes, i know, the plumbing is all there...)

grumble....she's a creative person and now she's a diy person too..what am i?..

flippin woman. listen up.
u r officially amazing!

Caroline said...

Err... yes, I did.
Had to go out and buy a new spanner cos I couldn't find ours in the absence of hubby. taking the locking nuts out was a struggle, I admit it. But I did it, and the machine has now been on at least 7 times, clearing our backlog.

Thanks for making me smile.