Tuesday, 2 October 2007

I had the meeting.

It went much more positively than I could have hoped.

There was up-front agreement that:
my experience had been very poor
my complaint had not been handled properly and would be reinvestigated (by one of the directors at the meeting)
I will be sent a written apology for the treatment I have experienced.

They made a list (over 2 pages) of actions which need to happen as a direct result of my complaint. They took on board everything I said. They listened to me. They told me they were grateful to me for my comments - that they had been constructive and helpful. At so many points they said that what I experienced was just wrong and should never have happened.

They want me to be more involved, and are sending me copies of policies etc for my comments and input. Not sure how involved I can be - I feel very bruised by all this. But their main concern was what I needed to happen. And from that they have agreed to do the things I need - to reinvestigate the complaint, to apologise. They have also identified other things they will do, such as looking at my records and auditing them, removing things which should not be there and (at a later date, when I am ready) going through my records with me to see if there is anything else that I am not happy with. By the end of the meeting there seemed to be more agreement that my experience was that I had been discriminated against because of my complaint and that therefore this needed to be addressed in their response.

What I am pleased about is that I held myself together. Yes, I got upset at certain points,a nd the tears welled up, but I didn't need the meeting to stop and I coped. I didn't dissociate either, which was something I was very worried would happen. I was able to say what I needed and, when I changed my mind about something which had been agreed (looking at my records with one of the Directors), I was able to explain this and feel OK about changing my mind.

It all feels OK. It's beginning to feel like I can get closure on this. Hopefully. What's more, even if the complaint response takes a while, I feel (at the moment) that I can leave a lot of the baggage from all of this on one side.

They listened to me.
They said I was not wrong to complain.
They said I was not treated properly.
They gave me validation that I am a person with rights.


Rainbow dreams said...

"They gave me validation that I am a person with rights."
I am so pleased Caroline - better than I could have wished - I'm sure it will take a while to process, well done you, xx

Caroline said...

huge hug -
hope you sleep well tonight and that you know it was 'real' when you wake up tomorrow.
you did it! you shouldn't have had to, but you did.
well done!


marcella said...

As Caroline said, you shouldn't have had to do it, but you did, for YOU and for many others. Well done. I hope you can rest now.

Awareness said...

VALIDATION! They recognized your beautiful significance Caroline by showing you respect and treating you with dignity.

I am so glad they finally came to their senses and took ownership of the mess they created.

MMP said...

hugs and prayers as you relax

Caroline said...

Thank you all.

Was very "out of it" last night. OK today (mostly!) and working hard at holding on to the positives today. Feeling a bit vulnerable - it will help when I get a written response to the meeting as that will enable me to hold on to things more.
Am away for the next couple of days - so if I can't get online to update, please don't anyone worry!