Tuesday, 11 September 2007

Still here!

Still moving in the right direction most of the time.

Brief updates:

Comments have meant so much - thanks to all of you.
E is now taking Psychology A level this year, following on from her AS result.
School going well - it's great to be enjoying rather than enduring teaching again.
Car still in garage.
Exhaustion is a BIG problem - it's hard to motivate myself to do stuff in the evenings unless I have committed to do it with others. Am trying to live with that and redesign my self-expectations to something (hopefully) more reasonable and less superwoman-like.
Progress seems to be being made on the complaint front - probability of a meeting in early October and several helpful emails.
My records have finally been transferred to my new CMHT and I am due to look at them with caution at my next meeting with my CPN.

Still here, but lurking quite a lot - sorry for the lack of comments / contact.


marcella said...

It all sounds positive.
All the best for the review of the notes. Here's hoping the CPN can help you make sense where there is any and let the insensitive or plain senseless go. Some of it will be wrong, some of it will be hurtful, but where there are mistakes much of it will be unintentional - the system is in a right old mess and many of the professionals are as angry about it as you and I, honest, I've heard them swearing!

Rainbow dreams said...

Hi sorry thought I had left a comment on the previous post

am pleased school is going well and excellent news for E
and well done on the complaint front - am not surprised you're tired - so less superwoman like would make sense though not always easy to accept.. you're doing brilliantly