Sunday, 29 April 2012

Is there an F in "Ofsted"...?

Title stolen, but unapologetically so.
Yes, someone knew just what I need right now.
Ofsted are visiting our school on Tuesday and Wednesday.  I have spent 12 hours (at least) planning 6 lessons (one will be delivered to three different classes).  That works out at around 90 minutes planning for 60 minutes teaching. 
The anxiety comes and goes in waves.  If anyone else tells me "You wil be great" I might just hit them.  I no longer know what "great" means in Ofsted speak, after some very bruising lesson inspections.  My judgement seems to mean nothing; my understanding of differentiation called into question but no answers provided on what I should be doing to meet the new criteria.  So I have to go with what I have always done but, bearing in mind where I am right now, doing so takes much longer and causes much more stress.
I have Tuesday and Wednesday planned.  I'm not entirely sure what I am doing for at least one of my lessons tomorrow, but a good part of it will probably be spent sorting out folders and books, making sure everything is filed away and all the corrections I asked the pupils to do weeks ago have been done. 

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