Tuesday, 1 September 2009

School today...

Well, it was OK in the end.
Some difficult things. One that I have changed the year group I am attached to. In the year group I was with last year I felt safe. I knew the other members of staff well and trusted them. The current year group are nice but very young - don't have as much in common with them - and not the same sense of trust. But it was a difficult situation and I didn't really feel I had any option other than offer to change.

The patchy support in Maths was a challenge; having been forced to change year groups (a mess up in the timetable I am sure) I am taking bottom set in a different year group (so need to plan a completely new set of lessons). I asked for a room in one area of the school, which would have made the situation more manageable because of access to resources; looks like that got forgotten. I assumed I would get teaching assistant support; turned out that while the parallel set had one member of staff for each lesson, I had support in only three lessons, and that from three different members of staff. I protested and have now got the same member of staff for three of my lessons, and another for the fourth.

It's a bit galling that, as the newcomer to the team, I have been given no support with planning - but have shared my plans with the member of staff who has been teaching this set for three years. Equally irritating was her comment that she will need to plan because "I will have to teach them something this year because they are brighter than previous sets".

Tomorrow I am leading 45 minutes of the training. I need to add something to my presentation tonight to make sure I cover what is needed. Am teaching about computer security to an audience with very varied knowledge!

Recent news items are causing me some internal angst...

So, more training tomorrow - looks like being pretty heavy - then my consultancy day, then a day in school with pupils (but no lessons). Monday the term starts properly.


Polar Bear said...

Changes and new things can be very full-on. I hope you settle into a routine soon.

H said...

I am also a teacher. I go back tomorrow. It's nice to read about someone else who is teaching and also has some MH issues. I have just started therapy and I am finding it amazingly hard. I have been getting the urge to write stuff down so I have started a blog just to get it out there I guess. I am terrified that someone will find out that I am a mental and that people will think I shouldn't teach - daft I know as I have only ever hurt myself. Anyway I hope things at school and with therapy are working out for you.

H said...

gah - I just wrote a big long comment and it has disappeared! Anyway the jist of it was that I am also a teacher and I have just started therapy too as I am really struggling. I have this horrible fear that someone in my teaching life will find out that I am a mental and I worry about it all of the time. I have started my blog page just to put some of the stuff that is pouring out of me at the moment out into the world I guess. I hope things with therpay and teaching are going well for you.

Disillusioned said...

Hi H
Looks like both of your comments came through OK; perhaps the comments moderation fooled you. I have that on due to a few nasty commenters I have had in the past.

I've made the decision to be honest about my MH problems. Not always easy, not always comfortable, but has some very positive side effects.

Hope your therapy goes well. Yes, it's tough - very tough!

PB -thank you. Yes, it is unsettling at times. Like you, I hope the routines soon work themselves out.

H said...

Yes the moderation did fool me! Not sure if you can click on me and get a link to my blog page. Can you tell I am new to this?
Anyway it's http://mymindrecess.blogspot.com/
H x

Catherine said...

Good luck to you this year (if I have not already said it).

I'm starting on week four but things do not seem to be settling down into a routine due to sickness and other interruptions. I have faith your year will begin better.

Catherine said...

Alas, it's now a week later and interruptions still abound. Unfortunately, it looks like the next six weeks will continue in a similar manner.

A favor to ask: Do you think you could help me with maths? Things just aren't going well in that department.

Disillusioned said...

I can do my best. I'm no mathematician though!