Friday, 13 March 2009

Not sure what to say really

which is probably why I haven't said it.

We have three weeks to go to the end of term, and I have about 6 weeks worth of work to fit into those three weeks. Not sure how it is all going to get done.

This week I have something on after school on every day. I have training to run, training to attend, a meeting to run and an open day to plan. I have a budget to write and a subject improvement plan to review and write.

I need to develop new schemes of work and address shortcomings in the existing ones. I need to work out why on earth I can't get my students to remember how to create simple formulae in Excel!

Oh, and I need to try to stay sane....


Catherine said...

Just make it "fun" -- isn't that what they want you to do? *rolls eyes*

Good luck getting everything done; I know what that is like.

Jessica said...


Hang in there!
I'm trying to stay sane within all the responsibilities of my life too.

Take care!

theMuddledMarketPlace said...


once you've finished looking at all that has to be done,
be knowing
that others of us out here
are thnking of you
and cheering you on

hope the business includes
some moments of smiling and laughter

Catherine said...

You seem like me right now. I look back at how much I posted last year, and when I compare it to what I have done this year I am absolutely amazed.

Keep fighting the good fight.