Monday, 2 March 2009

Just another Manic Monday

That's how it felt, anyway.

From the moment I stepped in the door I seemed to be sorting out IT issues. Logons, video players, Excel, links to our VLE, Internet connection disappearing - all came my way today. At lunch time I resorted to taking my lunch to the office to eat it, because that way nobody could ask me to do anything.
I need to practise using that two letter word beginning with N and ending with O again.


More positively, I went to the gym and swam this evening after work. Haven't done that in ages, and it was really good to do. On from there to Tesco. I was intending to do some marking tonight, but on second thoughts I think I may just relax for a bit.

My daughters have introduced me to a book which I began last night. It's called The Hunger Games and is by Suzanne Collins. I thoroughly recommend it - it has me hooked.


Polar Bear said...

yeah I had a Monday like that too.

Catherine said...

You haven't posted in awhile -- everything okay?

Disillusioned said...

Thanks Catherine

It's all jsut so chaotic at the moment - lists and lists of impossible things to achieve in impossible timescales. I'm OK, but stressed and lacking time...

Thanks for asking; will try to do a post soon!

marcella said...

glad you are OK and hope things calm down enough to give you time to post soon