Thursday, 5 February 2009

BLPT press release

There's a very interesting press release on the blpt website. For such a major announcement, I found it interesting that its only appearance is buried in a press release, several unremarkable clicks away from the front page.

The start of it reads:

The Chair and Non-Executive Directors of Bedfordshire and Luton Mental Health and Social Care Partnership NHS Trust have today announced their unanimous intention to stand down from the leadership of the Trust (within six to nine months), in order to allow the organisation to create a new partnership with an NHS Foundation Trust

They are all (that is, all the non-executive directors - those not directly employed by BLPT) resigning. The view seems to be that there is no future for BLPT as a Trust and the NEDs have decided to ask NHS East of England to find another NHS trust to take over BLPT. They state that,
we do not believe that with the current structure and size of the organisation, there is any prospect of the organisation attaining Foundation Trust status in its own right

It appears as if the non-executive members of the Trust no longer believe in that BLPT have the ability to serve those who need its services.
Some of us could have told them that quite a while ago. In fact, some of us have been telling them that for some time.

The press statement also says,
Having seen the energy, skills and enthusiasm in the leadership of other Mental Health Foundation Trusts, we have come to the conclusion that seeking a partnership with one of these holds the best prospect for delivering modern mental health and learning disabilities services for our local communities.
In other words, other MH trusts are doing a better job, with better leadership, than BLPT. Again, some of us could have told them that a while ago.

PharmaTimes comments that:
The resignations of the chair and non-executive directors of Bedfordshire and Luton NHS Mental Health Trust are associated with issues around that trust’s potential financial viability. With annual revenues of £70 million, the trust is understood to have decided that its future lies in being taken over by a bigger foundation trust with the economic muscle to help its services survive in the new NHS world of patient choice and contestability from the private and third sectors.

Having read the minutes of Trust Board meetings, I sensed a lot of internal wrangling and disagreements. I just hope something which better serves the people of this region comes out of the wreckage.


marcella said...

As you say, I hope that something better for service users and carers (and indeed staff) comes out of the mess. All that glisters and changes its name with bright shiny logos isn't necessarily gold, but even our lot could probably do better than yours.

The Shrink said...

So is there a decent Trust that can merge with this to improve things? It's always a bit of an uncertain time.

This scenario played out very badly for one Trust near us that merged with a PCT to form a community Trust, but their needs were so low down on the new, large, Trust agenda that they've consistently had a bad deal.

But another Trust did very well out of it, gaining commissioning and investment and partnership working that they'd never have managed on their own.

Is there a local Trust you could see them merging with, to everyones benefit?

Mandy said...

Hi C

Stepped down????

My friend reckons that it is because BLPT hasn't got Foundation Trust status yet and another Trust is going to come along and get this Trust up to scratch.

Perhaps the senior management team should resign too..or am I being too harsh here?

I thought the non execs were standing up and being counted. Now I am not sure what the case is.

I guess the most obvious Trust to merge with would be Herts but not sure where they are at these days in regards to what service users think of the services they are getting although doubt that will be the driving force on any merger.

Am near praying (although have no faith) that something will positively shift in this Trust but experiences over the past few years have been that things have got worse as each year goes by.

Some of us are running out of time..and can't keep hanging on to false hopes.

Disillusioned said...

Marcella- I know a change of name is not the answer - but some kind of change is definitely needed! I'll keep hoping.

Shrink - I don't know that there is; our local PCT and hospital trusts both have major issues from what I have seen. I strongly suspect that the fact that the current acting CEO is CEO of another MH trust may play a part - and looking at their "results" they have to be better than our current lot. I take your point about the need for MH needs not to be buried though.

Mandy - I am sure your friend's interpretation is at least part of the issue. I think there are even wider issues as well. Finance is certainly one. Public opinion is probably another.
Management team - well, you probably know my views already. The non-execs have certainly appeared challenging of the exec team from my reading of recent board minutes and papers.

marcella said...

Herts looks quite impressive from the website - yes i KNOW a good website doesn't mean good service, but some of their work on it looks good as well - as someone preparing for a CPA I particularly like this which, believe me, is appropriate for university graduates as well as people with learning disabilities distilling, as it does, what a CPA care coordinator is supposed to do.

Disillusioned said...

Thanks Marcella. That does look interesting. I will have a prowl around.

theMuddledMarketPlace said...

hey, you are of stronger stuff than I

After about six years of head to head fighting with one local trust, I've left the field of play. It was playing with my head too much.

I feel bad, but then again, I'm no use to anyone if I''s the polite word?...messed up. That's it.

What do I think of 'em? Toxic.
Of no earthly use.

Mandy said...


I have had experience of being in Board Meetings with the suits. Soul destroying..unless you are the sort of person to be impressed by lots of paper with fancy words and statistics on them.

also had experience of (coughs) service user representation. Total waste of everyone's time..except those who do it for a bit of prestige and pocket money!!!

theMuddledMarketPlace said...

i earn my money and don't want their prestige
still stroppy.


off to go and calm down again:)