Saturday, 22 November 2008


Today has been a bit better than yesterday - just as well, I guess.
Hubby took our younger daughter to her Saturday morning activity - usually my job. I stayed in bed.
A friend from school phoned just after I had got up around 10am and invited me for coffee with another friend. We ended up having lunch as well. We were all feeling down, in various degrees, and it helped to share how we were feeling.
I can home, played on the computer for a bit, then went to bed. And slept. For three hours or more. That's really unusual for me - I don't take naps in the day - so I guess I needed it. Have been up for a couple of hours, had a sandwich and feel better moodwise than I have in a while. I have a terrible head cold, but don't feel suicidal tonight. Still low, but low I can do.

So maybe company is one way through, and sleep is another. Tomorrow I have to plan lessons, but will try to do it quickly and "good enough" rather than perfect. As the evening draws on my mood is dipping but I am trying to hang on in there.


marcella said...

hang on in there! Do you waste as much time as i do watching Casualty? It passes the time.

Kathryn said...

I'm glad.
I did wonder whether yesterday's less than helpful help line might have been on to something with the advice to go to bed...if things are too much to deal with, place yourself somewhere where you can safely avoid dealing with them.
I don't intend to stop praying x

Rainbow dreams said...

Hang on in there, do.

Sleep was obviously needed as was food.. and company. Your plan for tomorrow and good enough as opposed to perfect is good too...
Am thinking and sending prayers and love, Katie

La-reve said...

Thinking of you and hoping you pull through soon. x

Polar Bear said...

Yes, sometimes "good enough" will have to do. I get that a lot.

Hope your mood lifts soon.

CalumCarr said...

Haven't been over as often as I should.

Hang on, hang in. We're rooting for you - lots.

Getting through is gold medal time.

Take care and thinking of you.


Disillusioned said...

It's rough here.

On the helpline - it came across in the wrong way, the way I posted it. They spent time talking to me, trying to help, and then suggested bed. As shown, that seemed to help somewhat.
I should probably take the same course now.