Tuesday, 11 November 2008

Need to stop

I need to stop expecting mental health services to support me now. D has moved on; Dr K is moving away from CMHTs (he was the person D told me to trust) and I am apparently back with the BE team. I keep trying to find out if Dr K has (as he said he would) got me assigned to a different team, a new CC, but I can't seem to get an answer. I don't think my GP will be able to either - because I think it would take so much time and persistence to get an answer. And for what? Maybe I get assigned to the other team, build a relationship with a new CC, find i can trust them - then they will move on. or maybe I don't get a CC I can build a relationship with. Or maybe I get passed on to a new team and they decide they won't help me. Or maybe I get told I have to stay with the BE team.

The story is always the same - wait... wait... trust us....

Well I can't keep waiting and I don't trust them. I think I am better off not waiting any more and just discharging myself. Because this isn't helping.


marcella said...

Look after yourself - and if that means telling the b*&^s to take a running jump then so be it.

theMuddledMarketPlace said...

working out just how and where
to get support and help from
...is not as easy as it's sometimes made out to be

for what it's worth, i think we must choose our harbours carfully

which is tough when we want some there to tell us and sort it and help



in-the-margins said...

I can sympathise. My day has thus far consisted of: me calling my mental health team and discovering that no one I see was in, my school getting into a panic about me being unsafe and calling them again for me, them phoning back to say everyone was busy and they couldn't possibly spare someone to see me (or even talk to me) today, and then telling me to see my GP if it's urgent (my GP is lovely but will be booked up a week in advance, I know). Pfftt...

Take care of yourself. It's crap when it's this hard work, huh?

La-reve said...

I don;t think it's wrong to expect a consistent and good level of care however reality often falls low of expectations, I have learnt that.
I guess CMHt are theoretically there but in the end a lot of this we have to go alone and hope there are people in our lives who can help us, not good enough but that's how it is. x

Disillusioned said...

Tried to call PALS. The person who answered said there was nobody there who could help me and she couldn't take a message.

Tried to phone the outpatients department. Nobody seemed to know who I should speak to and (at 4.10pm) all the secretaries ahd gone home, not to return till 10am tomorrow.

Tried to get support. Tried to discharge myself. Don't seem to be able to do either. Have now written - but whether that will reach the person it should is anyone's guess. I don't even know which person it "should" reach. Heck, I don't know who or where my care coordinator is. Despite the psychiatrist saying he would ensure I was transferred to a new team and that I was given support, nothing has happened. Despite my ex-CC (D) saying she would find out what is happening, I have heard nothing. The two people in that organisation that I still trust don't seem to be able to make anything happen.

I badly want to stop now. Stop eating, stop the meds. Just stop.

Jules said...

In the end - for me - there was no-one. Everyone I trusted to help me let me down, friends, church goers,professionals,family.

In the end the professionals don't know anymore infact I would say probably less than you do about how to help 'you' I've been on both sides of the fence now, a broken, life damaged, disturbed, rejected, abused, desperate single parent needing help for years to survive....

Now I am a professional - helping others, and I can tell you the clients themselves are in my humble opinion the ones that should be helping the professionals who in the main haven't a clue.

I hope this helps and not hinders you. Maybe your answers and the help you need is closer than you think.

Love Jules x

Jules said...

ps we work with the CMHT and they leave alot to be desired!!